Sunday, February 21, 2010

Breaking down the goals

So, there's been some talk on LBT about goals (there's always talk about goals, I want to get to.....). I hit my first real goal the end of this past week. 260, I've lost 34 pounds and I have 100 to lose to my final goal (subject to change of course!). However, I'm a big fan of the "mini-goal" the goal you can reach every couple months (or weeks) to keep you motivated.

So here's my current list of goals (big, little, and in between).

259 so I can say I need to lose "less than 100 pounds!!!" (how's that for a super-mini goal?)
250-I haven't weighed 250 in at least 13 years, maybe a little longer
244-50 pounds lost!
225-what I weighed at the end of my first year at college...1992...yeah, uh, it's been a while
219-75 pounds lost
204-90 pounds lost
199-self explanatory, I haven't been <200 since high school
194-100 pounds lost
185-BMI 29.9, first time I will have not been "obese" since I was a teenager
170-The least I've weighed since I was about 14
160-Current end-goal, will put me at a BMI of 25.8, still not in the "normal" range so if I actually make it to this point I may try to drop it another 6 pounds so I can be NORMAL...(well, at least normal according to the charts, I have serious doubts I'll ever be "normal")

How 'bout you? What are you shooting for next?


  1. Awesome set of goals, cant wait for your next post to hear how your doing...

  2. Looks like you have some great goals...I'm newly banded, so I'm making my goals pretty generic just watching every 10 lb. that "falls" off. :) Keep up the good work!